Rosemary Christmas Tree: Care Guide

Rosemary Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming! We are glad that you already have your rosemary Christmas tree ready. The plant is not only ornamental but also aromatic and a culinary treasure. Rosemary is easy to grow and predominant to common pests and ailments. You will find the herb quite irresistible and indispensable. 

But how do you care for your Rosemary Christmas tree? Ensure the right temperature, water, nutrition, pruning, and protect it from pests and ailments. As you wait to display your Christmas tree this holiday season, we have the tips to keep it healthy and vibrant.

Right Placement

Hopefully, you selected a healthy Rosemary Christmas tree from the stores. It has vibrant green foliage and a compact shape, so you must maintain that all year through. The first step is to choose a perfect location for the tree. Your Rosemary Christmas tree prefers ample sunlight, so place it near a south-facing window. There, it will receive at least six hours of daylight each day.

Right Temperature 

The rosemary tree doesn’t like too cold or too hot environments. It prefers cool temperatures between 60-70°F (15-21°C). So, this summer, keep the tree away from drafts to prevent burns,  stress, and dying.  

 Water Your Rosemary Christmas Tree

Your tree will be vibrant if you keep the soil moist. Note that it is wet but not soggy. The proper moisture keeps the tree hydrated and well-fed. How do you check the moisture in the soil? Check if the top layer of the soil feels wet to the touch. If it is dry, water your Christmas tree. You can check if the pot has sufficient drainage holes to prevent water accumulation. Remember that too much water harbors disease-causing agents and pests.

Maintain The Right Humidity

The Rosemary Christmas tree foliage requires humidity to thrive. So, if it is extra and not humid, increase humidity around the tree by misting the foliage. Place a tray filled with water and pebbles near the pot/pallet.

Pruning Your Tree

Another way to keep your Christmas tree vibrant is pruning. The process helps to maintain its shape while at the same time getting rid of unwanted branches. When the branches are many, they host pests and diseases, degrading the tree. The more the branches, the less the aromatic oils. Use clean, sharp scissors to prune your plants. Do not throw the prunings. Use the extra branches to make infusions and oils. 

Right Nutrition For Your Chrismas Tree

Your Rosemary plant will only remain healthy if you feed it well. And that’s through correct fertilizing. The store where you bought the plant must have given you the feeding program. If not, offer water-soluble fertilizers according to the specifications on the package. As the 

 Not that the tree requires fertilizer when young than when older. Follow the fertilizer specifications to avoid overnutrition. 

Avoid Overcrowding

Good air circulation is essential for the Rosemary Christmas tree. If other plants are near your tree, increase the spacing to avoid overcrowding and disease/fungal transmission. Asl, pruning the other plants helps reduce foliage and overcrowding. 

Prevent Pests And Ailments

Regular inspection of your Christmas tree can help you to notice infections or pests. The best time to inspect your plants is when watering. If you get hold of spider mites, aphids, or other worms, use a gentle insecticide to eradicate them. Treat any infestations promptly to avoid spreading.

Post-holiday Transition Care

You may need to move your Rosemary Christmas tree from its location during the holidays. To prevent shock, transition it gradually to outdoor conditions. Exposing it to an outdoor environment helps the tree to adjust after the festivities. 

Harvesting And Usage

Nothing prevents you from enjoying your rosemary herb. You can harvest and use it for teas and other culinary purposes. To enjoy the aromatic foliage, harvest the sprigs. The plant will not get damaged. Harvesting encourages bushier growth.


You now have the care tips for your Rosemary Christmas tree. Keep the tree well-hydrated, fed, and pruned. The correct placement, temperature, humidity, and sunlight make your plant vibrant until the festivities. Remember the post-holiday transition care. The process will help your plant not to get stressed or die when you place it outside the house after Christmas.

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