20 Indoor Garden Container Ideas For Herbs

indoor garden container

Embarking on cultivating herbs indoors? You can try some of our indoor garden container ideas. The ideas bring nature’s vibrancy into the heart of your home. With the right choice of containers, you can nurture your green companions and elevate the aesthetic allure of your indoor oasis.

Discover twenty imaginative indoor garden container ideas for your herbs. We will explore hanging planters,  teacup planters, stacked PVC pipes, mason jars, wooden pallets, tins, and more. These ideas are readily available and include old materials you no longer need at home. Let’s begin the exploration along with arrangement tips.

Hanging Planters 

Hanging planters save space and add a touch of elegance to your indoor garden. Opt for decorative holders like macramé or geometric shapes. Arrange them by hanging them at varying heights to create a cascading effect. Choose trailing herbs, such as creeping thyme, for the higher ones and bushier plants for the lower ones, like oregano and basil. This arrangement maximizes both vertical and horizontal space.

Teacup Planters

Repurposing old teacups or coffee mugs for planters brings a charming and whimsical vibe to your indoor garden. To arrange them, group the cups on a saucer or tray. Mixing and matching different patterns and colors will give you an eclectic look. Plant small, low-maintenance plants like succulents or herbs in each cup. Consider placing them on a windowsill or a dedicated display shelf.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Transforming mason jars into an herb garden is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Attach the jars to a wooden board or hang them individually. Arrange them by labeling each jar with the herb’s name. You can mark them as rosemary, cilantro, strawberry mint, basil, aloe, etc. Group similar herbs together based on their sunlight and watering needs. Hang the mason jar herb garden in a sunny kitchen window for easy access while cooking.

Repurposed Wooden Crates

Old wooden crates add a rustic touch to your indoor garden. Stack them or use them individually for a vintage look. Arrange them by stacking boxes to create different levels. Plant various herbs, flowers, or small vegetables in each crate. Consider adding a layer of landscape fabric to prevent soil from falling through the gaps. This arrangement creates an organized and visually appealing garden.

Tin Can Planters

Tin cans can be transformed into quirky and cost-effective planters. Decorate the cans with paint or other creative materials. Place the cans in a row or cluster them on a tray to arrange them. Coordinate the colors or patterns for a cohesive look. Plant herbs or small flowers in each can. This arrangement adds a touch of DIY charm to your indoor garden.

Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden

Utilize vertical space with a shoe organizer turned vertical garden. Hang the organizer on the back of a door or wall. You can even use old boots to plant your herbs. Arrange it by planting herbs or small plants in each pocket. Label the bags for easy identification. Group plants with similar moisture and sunlight needs together. This arrangement saves space and acts as a functional and organized garden.

Glass Terrariums

Glass terrariums create mini indoor garden container ecosystems that can be a focal point in your indoor garden. To arrange them try out the following:

  • Layer different soil types and add small pebbles for drainage.
  • Plant a variety of succulents, air plants, or moss
  • Enhance the visual appeal by adding decorative stones or figurines.
  • Consider placing the terrariums on a tabletop or hanging them for a captivating display.

Wine Cork Magnet Planters

Upcycle wine corks into adorable magnet planters. Hollow out the corks and attach magnets to the back. Arrange them by sticking the pulls on a magnetic surface like a fridge. Plant tiny succulents or small herbs in each cork. Water sparingly to avoid overwatering. This arrangement adds a touch of greenery to your kitchen and showcases your creativity.

Stacked PVC Pipe Planters

PVC pipes can be transformed into modern and modular planters. To arrange them:

  • Cut the pipes into different lengths and stack them vertically or horizontally.
  • Fill each section with soil and plant herbs, flowers, or trailing plants.
  • Choose tubes with varying diameters for a dynamic look.
  • This arrangement is not only visually exciting but also allows for easy customization.

Drawer Planters

Repurposing old drawers into planters adds a touch of vintage charm to your indoor garden. Arrange them by stacking drawers vertically or arranging them horizontally. Plant a mix of flowers, herbs, or small vegetables. Consider adding casters to the bottom for easy mobility. This arrangement creates a unique and eye-catching focal point in your indoor space.

Succulent Log Planter

Bring a touch of nature indoors with a succulent log planter. Choose a hollowed-out log or a long piece of driftwood. Arrange it by filling the crevices with a well-draining succulent mix and planting various succulents. Place the log planter on a tabletop or shelf to create a stunning focal point. This arrangement brings a rustic and natural element to your indoor garden.

Hanging Glass Bulb Terrariums

Add an elegant and ethereal touch to your indoor garden with hanging glass bulb terrariums. You can arrange the bulbs at different heights to create a visually exciting display. Plant small medicinal herbs inside the glass bulbs. The brightest idea is to consider adding LED string lights for a magical nighttime ambiance. Hang these terrariums near a source of natural light for optimal plant growth.

Wooden Pallet Vertical Garden

Your wooden pallets in the garage are treasures for indoor gardening. Repurpose the wood into a vertical garden for a creative and space-saving arrangement. Arrange it by leaning the pallet against a wall or securing it vertically. Plant various herbs in the horizontal slats, including chamomile, basil, onions, mints, freshening flowers, succulents, and more. This arrangement adds greenery to your space and serves as a unique piece of wall art.

Concrete Block Planters

These are the most long-lasting planters, as they never break. Give your indoor garden an industrial-chic vibe with concrete block planters. Arrange them by stacking the blocks vertically or horizontally to create a customizable and modern look. Plant succulents, cacti, onions, or other small herbs in the openings of the blocks. Consider painting the blocks in coordinating colors for added visual appeal.

Hanging Basket Garden

Create a lush hanging basket garden by choosing decorative baskets and filling them with trailing and upright plants. Arrange them by hanging the baskets at different levels, creating a cascading effect. Use a variety of foliage colors and textures for a visually dynamic arrangement. This hanging garden is perfect for adding greenery to empty corners or brightening your living space.

Geometric Wall Planters

Elevate your indoor garden with geometric wall planters that add a touch of modern sophistication. Arrange them by hanging the planters in a geometric pattern on your wall. Plant small succulents or air herbs in each planter, creating a living piece of wall art. Consider using different boxes in various shapes and sizes for added visual interest.

Terracotta Pot Tower

Create a stunning terracotta pot tower by stacking pots of varying sizes vertically. Arrange them by filling each indoor garden container with soil and planting flowers, herbs, or small vegetables. Stagger the jars to allow each plant to receive adequate sunlight. Consider painting the pots in coordinating colors for a cohesive and eye-catching look. This arrangement adds a touch of Mediterranean charm to your indoor garden.

Wire Basket Shelf Garden

Repurpose wire baskets into a functional and stylish shelf garden. Arrange them by stacking the baskets on a shelf or hanging them on a wall. Plant a mix of cleansing herbs, flowers, or succulents in each basket. Use baskets with open weaves to allow plants to cascade down, creating a lush and green display. This arrangement is perfect for those who appreciate an organized and airy garden.

Hanging Macramé Planters

Bring bohemian flair to your indoor garden with hanging macramé planters. Arrange them by hanging the macramé holders at different heights, creating a dynamic, whimsical display. Plant trailing plants like ivy or pothos for a cascading effect. Consider placing these macramé planters near windows to give the plants ample sunlight.

Fairy Garden in a Box

Ultimately, we have the fairy garden in boxes. You can create a magical fairy garden in a wooden box for a whimsical and enchanting arrangement. Arrange the container with soil and small plants like miniature basil, oregano, rosemary, coriander, ferns, moss, and tiny flowers. Add fairy garden accessories like mini houses, figurines, and pebbles to complete the magical scene. This arrangement is perfect for adding a touch of fantasy to your indoor garden and capturing the imagination of all who behold it.


Incorporating these twenty indoor garden container ideas into your space can transform it into a lush and visually appealing oasis. Whether you prefer a hanging garden, repurposed items, or a combination of various containers, the key is to consider your plants’ sunlight and watering needs and arrange them to maximize both space and aesthetic appeal. Experiment with combinations and let your indoor garden reflect your style and creativity. Happy gardening!

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