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    Facts about Norditropin

    Norditropin is considered to be a better option for growth hormone, among all the drugs available on market. It is mostly associated with curing disorders related to children growth but has the ability to treat many acute disorder problems as well. Some of those are adult growth disorder, performance improvement in sports, bodybuilding and the problem of minimal growth in children. Due to its ability to treat a wide range of disorders, it has become one of the most prominent drugs.

    Specification of Norditropin

    Norditropin is basically an alternate for Somatropin. It is a polypeptide hormone that is produced with E Coli bacteria. The E-Coli bacteria contains genes required for stable growth of the body. Norditropin is embedded with 191 amino acids. These amino acids have naturally produced growth hormones. On recommended use of this drug, one can avail numerous benefits such as enhancement of energy, speedy tissue revival, faster injury remedy, better metabolism, stable body growth and more. It also cures weight loss caused due to AIDS, disorders due to kidney failure.

    Product Description

    Norditropin is used directly via prefilled pens having a volume of 1.5/3.0 mL which comes in a sterile solution. It is injected into the body via injection. The active ingredient in Norditropin is somatropin and other ingredients include Histidine, Phenol, Poloxamer 188, Mannitol, Hydrochloride or Sodium Hydroxide and water required for injecting the drug.

    It is recommended to use Norditropin as per prescription. Overdose may result in serious ailments. Remember not to self inject the drug; it must be done in the supervision of a medical specialist only. Keep in mind not to inject the medicine repeatedly at the same body spot. Disposable needles should be used; medicines should be kept away from the reach of children. It is good to keep track of your body growth. The product should be used in different dosages for different disorders like anti-ageing, bodybuilding.

    The drug should be stored as:

    · Refrigeration required at 2 – 8 degrees Celsius or keep at normal temperature for 3 weeks, if not being used.


    It is highly recommended to use the Norditropin drug as per directions given by the medical consultant. Legal laws are different for each country; some have banned it for normal use/athletic use, so it must be checked before purchasing. Be careful in purchasing, fake manufacturers are also present in the market. Finally, one should keep track of their body growth and monitor results. If any problem persists, contact your doctor immediately.


    15mg/45iu X 1 Cartridge, 15mg/5iu X 5 Cartridge, 10mg/30iu X 1 Cartridge, 10mg/30iu X 5 Cartridge


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