High THC level of up to 23%, Blue Dream marijuana delivers long lasting symptom relief without heavy sedation

Sativa Dominant Hybrid (60% Sativa / 40% Indica)

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    Blue Dream strain is a Sativa Dominant hybrid.

    The Blue dream Dankwood (60% Sativa / 40% Indica).

    Blue Dream dankwood provides the body relaxation effect of Indica and uplifting cerebral euphoria

    This strain is  a sativa-prevailing crossover from California, has accomplished incredible status among West Coast strains because of this. Crossing Blueberry with Haze, Blue Dream dankwood offsets full-body unwinding with delicate cerebral strengthening. Amateur and veteran purchasers  appreciate the level impacts of Blue Dream, because it will  slip you delicately into a quiet happiness.

    This strain Blue Dream dankwood conveys quick manifestation help without substantial narcotic impacts because it has a sweet berry aroma fragrant of its Blueberry parent.

    It is best for daytime medication for patients  treating pain, depression, nausea, and different sicknesses requiring a high THC strain,

    It is an intense and complex buzz that starts with a prompt “strong” sway. because it assumes the properties of the earth you are in, Blue Dream is a ground-breaking and cheerful broadened high. Incredible for mingling or simply chilling on the lounge chair. Euphoric yet quiet emotions are credited to this delectably sweet tasting strain. This strain is for those that need a casual buzz. This is an extraordinary decision to help reduce constant agony, uneasiness and PTSD. Most importantly There are hardly any negatives other than some may encounter dry mouth and dry eyes.

    More Info About this strain

    Blue Dream dankwood is an incredibly mainstream decision because  It is appreciated by those searching for an invigorating euphoric head high. This strain has high restorative properties concentrating on muscle fits and nervousness. It has a solid blueberry impact as the name proposes, with sweet fruity flavors. Besides the fact that it has predominant sativa properties Blue Dream offers an inventive cheerful and cerebrally animating high that additionally leaves the body totally loose. Commonly, the bud is light and feathery in nature and clingy to the touch. It is dim green with red and gold strands and gum all through. Because this is a solid strain. A general high that assists with temperament swings, contemplative imagination interminable agony.

    Strains Associated with Blue Dream

    Blueberry, OG Kush, Super Silver Haze

    Sativa-predominant crossover that is incredible for delicate inspiring, yet in addition unwinding. Places the client into a pleasant condition of happiness. This is a decent strain for despondency, sickness, and agony. Started on the West Coast, and therefore can be found in mainstream dispensaries.


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